Assorted Lessons

Guitar lessons with music, tabs, videos tips, etc

The lessons in this section present songs, transcribed solos, licks, tricks, chord progressions and other materials for guitar players. Genres include jazz, classical, rock, blues, folk, bluegrass, fingerstyle and more. Not to leave anyone out, there are lessons for players of ‘ukulele, banjo, mandolin and other fretted instruments. In addition to the music itself, lessons will include theoretical analysis, artist bios, historical notes. videos and other materials appropriate to each individual lesson.

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Maria Luisa

A beautiful intermediate level piece by Julio Sagreras. Written in two independent parts, bass with stems down, treble with stems up. In standard notation and TAB.

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Op 44 no 1

This is a short etude (study) by Fernando Sor (1778-1839). Though easy to play it is very charming and melodic. Appropriate as a recital piece for late beginner students.

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Freight Train

A classic by Elizabeth Cotton. This song was recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary and many others.

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Django’s Castle Solo

A beautifully constructed jazz guitar solo by the late jazz guitar master, Harry Leahey. From the Phil Woods album Live at the Showboat. This solo is based on Leahey’s arrangement of the Django Reinhardt classic Manoir de mes Rèves (Django’s Castle.)

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