Looking Forward

Lots to look forward to in 2017, personally, professionally and musically.

Looking forward to getting married in June to my fiancée, Marcia McIntosh. Marcia and I knew each other in high school in Nutley, NJ. We reconnected early in 2016 and one thing led to another and…

Looking forward to some great gigs in 2017. From my regular Monday night at the Upstream Grille in Lake Hopatcong with Rio Clemente, the Bishop of Jazz and his Abbotts, to concerts with AMANI, to club gigs with some wonderful singers, to wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours, solo and with some marvelous players, to playing solo restaurant gigs, to having a great time entertaining seniors all over New Jersey – it’s going to be a great year for music. For a list of my gigs go to www.flippeters.com/gigs.html

Looking forward to checking out some great live music.

Looking forward to pursuing my interest in web development and building some great websites. Right now I’m particularly interested in WordPress, hence this blog. I’m working, or should I say laboring, on incorporating some jQuery plugins that I’ve developed into WordPress blogs.

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